The idea

Our day-to-day lives are defined ever more by digitization – regardless of whether we’re ordering food, buying shoes or booking a flight, everything is always just a click on your smartphone away. Booking art shipments, however, still involves a great deal of organizational effort and takes a lot of time between initial contact and execution of the shipment.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to book our art shipments as flexibly and efficiently as we book flights?

This is the question Thomas and Paul asked themselves, with the result being the foundation of the digital art shipment booking app myartshipping, which launched in 2019 with a dynamic team of art and logistics specialists. myartshipping enables you to book your individual art shipment in just a few clicks, offering you an immediate price for your enquiry.

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Our Team


CEO and Co-Founder

With his passion and dedication to logistics, as well as his thirst to try something new, Paul is the link between vision and execution at myartshipping.



having many years of experience in the field of fine art transportation, Horst knows exactly what matters to the customer. His additional affinity to digitization makes him an key player of myartshipping.


Investor & Co-Founder

Having grown up in a family that has been shipping art for generations. From a young age, he became familiar with the complexity of art logistics. His youthful spirit and the vision of revolutionizing the industry led Thomas, a business graduate, to invest in the project myartshipping.

Our Partners

In order to be able to guarantee you high-quality shipping of your favorite pieces, we have joined forces with the biggest art shipping companies in Europe. Kortmann, Kunsttrans, hasenkamp and Mobull are all members of the ARTIM network, and with their specially trained art technicians. More than 100 years of experience, help to ensure that your art always reaches its destination safely and securely.