What information does myartshipping require in order to calculate a price for my shipment?

For non-binding price information, we need the following data from you about your item:

- From where should we collect your item?

- Where should we ship your item to?

- When is the earliest can we collect your item?

- By when does your item need to be delivered?

- How big and how heavy is your item?

- Does it need to be packaged? If so, how?

- Would you like shipment insurance?

Once we have all these relevant details from you, then we can provide you with a non-binding quote immediately.

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When do I get a price for shipping?

After entering the location, date and dimensions of your item.

Why do I pay a different VAT?

The service for cross-border traffic depends on the place of departure or the recipient of the invoice. This can lead to different tax rates in different countries.

How can I save costs?

You can save costs by being flexible about dates and giving us a broad time frame for collection and delivery.

Is the price binding?

The shipment price will be calculated as a non-binding quote after you have entered the details of your item.

Do I have to register with myartshipping to get price information?

You don’t need to register to get price information for your item. You can get this information as a non-binding quote after entering the relevant details.

Can the price then change subsequently?

The price before registration is a fixed price for shipment, which will not change. Further costs will only be incurred if you add extra services such as packaging or insurance.

What are the advantages of being flexible about dates?

If you can be more flexible about dates, then we can improve your price.

How can I pay?

At the end you will have the option of paying with your credit card, via PayPal, giropay, paydirekt or via online transfer.