Can myartshipping also offer a fixed date?

Unfortunately myartshipping cannot offer a fixed date. We can only offer you delivery within a certain window of time.

The advantage for you is: The price is better the more time you give us for delivery of your shipment.

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How does the collection process work and what should I take note of?

The collection date represents the earliest date on which we can collect your shipment. We will inform you of the date and time of collection. Please ensure that your items have already been de-installed and consolidated by this time.

Who can make a booking with myartshipping?

Anyone can make a booking via myartshipping.

I don’t have any further contact information about the recipient. What should I do?

Please supply the telephone number directly. Without a telephone number, we are unable to inform the recipient of the delivery date.

Can my items be hung up or taken down?

No. The myartshipping services cover simple shipment only. If you require installation services, please e-mail us (

Can I track my shipment?

Live shipment tracking is not possible at present. We will generally inform you about collection and delivery between one and three days beforehand.

What happens if I cannot make the appointment?

Please inform us immediately via e-mail at if an appointment is inconvenient for you. Be aware here that our partners may levy additional charges for this. These additional costs will be passed on to you.

My item was not collected on the date I specified. What happens now?

When booking, you entered the earliest possible collection date. That means that your item can be collected from this date onwards. The item will be with the recipient by the delivery date you entered.

Why can I not specify the time of my collection?

Since we wish to offer you affordable shipping, there are no fixed collection or delivery times. If necessary, you can agree a fixed appointment with our partners.

How do you get your shipment?

Our partners will get in touch with you before the delivery date. Here, the date of delivery may be before the date you entered depending on how quickly we can transport your items to your chosen destination.