Is my shipment covered by insurance?

You can add additional shipment insurance as an extra.

This insurance can only be selected if we package your item for you. If you wish to package the item yourself, then we cannot offer you this option. Shipment of your item is therefore not covered by insurance.

Please note that where a shipment is uninsured, liability only applies up to the extent specified in section 431 of the German Commercial Code (max. 8.33 SZR kg/gross) or ADSp (the German Freight Forwarders Standard Terms and Conditions) 2017, no. 22.

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The insurance value must correspond to the value of the item. This value depends on the value and the goods class of the item.

My item was damaged during transportation. How and where do I report damage?

Obvious (upon delivery or by the next day at the latest) and hidden (within 14 days) transportation damage must be reported to without delay.