My item was damaged during transportation. How and where do I report damage?

If your item has been damaged during shipping, the following applies:

(1) externally visible damage and losses among your items must be reported following delivery to myartshipping by the next day at the latest, in accordance with section 451 f, no. 1 of the German Commercial Code, and outlined in adequate detail in text form (e-mail). A simple note on the proof of delivery, delivery note or damage report is not sufficient for this duty of disclosure.

(2) any damage or losses not visible externally must be reported to myartshipping in accordance with section 451 f, no. 2 of the German Commercial Code within 14 days of delivery, also accurately and in adequate detail, in text form.

The case will first be reviewed thoroughly and then passed on to the insurance company.

To speed the whole thing up, you can supply us with the following documents immediately in an e-mail (

- clearly visible photos of the damage

- documents and invoices for your item

In order to be covered in case of damage, we recommend you take out insurance. Otherwise, we will not be able to help you any further.

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The insurance value must correspond to the value of the item. This value depends on the value and the goods class of the item.

Is my shipment covered by insurance?

You can insure your item with additional shipment insurance if we package the item for you.