Can I ship my item unpackaged?

Please note that we are currently unable to ship unpackaged art for reasons of insurance and shipping legislation.

We will be happy to help you by taking care of the packaging for you. We recommend you package your pictures using bubble wrap and edge protection as a minimum.

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Can I ship multiple items?

Yes, up to 10 items per shipment booking. Each item must not weigh more than 70kg, unpackaged sculptures must not exceed 30kg (packaged weight 70kg).

In which class of goods does my item belong?

There are three classes of goods: paintings, sculptures and fragile objects.

How do I package my items?

Package your item carefully and correctly in order to protect it during transportation. For pictures, we recommend bubble wrap and edge protection as a minimum.

I will package it myself – what should I pay attention to?

If you package your item yourself, you should be sure to protect it from adverse weather or mechanical damage, for example using sufficient bubble wrap or foam material.
The more tightly the item is wrapped, the better. If you package the item yourself, we are not able to insure the shipment for you.

What is the maximum possible size of the items?

The item must not exceed 200cm (H) x 200cm (W) x 100 cm (D) in size or 70kg in weight. Unpackaged sculptures must not exceed 30kg in weight. If even one of these limits is exceeded, the shipment cannot take place – you can find more details on this in our GTCs.

My item is already in a crate – can I send it through myartshipping?

Of course you can send your item through myartshipping if it is already packaged in a crate. However, you must comply with the size and weight restrictions.

How do I measure my item?

Please enter the dimensions of your item in the following order: Height x width x depth

Can I only ship pictures with myartshipping?

Aside from pictures, you can send sculptures up to 30kg. The packaged weight of the sculptures can be as much as 70kg.

How do I measure a sculpture?

Please enter the dimensions of your sculpture in the following order: Height x width x depth

What constitutes suitable packaging?

The item is packaged in such a way that it is sufficiently protected against the sort of bumps and scrapes that can be expected during transportation.

When is my painting transportable?

Only completely dry paintings can be transported, oil on canvas needs up to 10 days to dry.

My item is not packaged, can myartshipping package it?

We can package your item for you in bubble wrap or in cardboard.